About Us

Etavele is a youth Zambia-based organisation that has mastered the complex art of design and marketing. At Etavele we pride ourselves on fresh ideas in a vast range of sectors, from web and mobile application design to content creation. We provide an integrated service that enhances your brand and therefore your bottom line. Our products and services are modern, robust and comprehensive, ensuring that we are
extremely effective.

We are personally invested in our customers’ success, so we take your concerns and requirements very seriously before infusing them with concepts around strategy, technology and creative design. Adopting this Wow & How approach allows us to turn your desires into reality. We hold ourselves to the highest of expectations.

“At Etavele, we understand the pressure that our clients face daily to achieve measurable market gains, stand out, win customers and secure repeat business in a fast-growing competitive market. We provide some of the most iconic work in the industry; we bring the strategic conceptual craftsmanship it takes to make brands memorable through design, branding and support.” Malama L Zimba – Co-founder

Our Mission

To propel growth in businesses by using effective marketing in a way that is both fun and convenient. It will be our pursuit to take every client no matter the size of their business to new heights. Whether they are a start-up business who wants to
aggressively join the market or an established business that still has the capacity to achieve new milestones, our services will lay the foundation your business needs because we believe.

Our Vision

To become a multinational marketing machine that connects businesses throughout Southern Africa and beyond.